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At Riverwood Furniture, our aim is quite simple – to crate epoxy tables and resin furniture in a way that can suit any individual. However, while our designs are unique to each creation, we know that some of our partners have an idea in mind they wish to see come to reality. With our Made to Order section, you can ensure that your idea can come to life with the help of our signature craftsman. To get started, all that you need to know is the following: 1. What range would you like to see your product stem from? Take a look at our catalogue here 2. What type of wood would you like to use in the creation of your product? 3. What dimensions are looking for in terms of the size? Please try and be as clear as possible

If you can answer the following, then Riverwood Furniture can make your dream come true. From new placemats designed for a specific party to an epoxy wood table through to a resin coffee table, we will be able to assist. We simply have to know what you are looking for, and we can get to work on making your dream become a notable reality.

The secret here is to be clear with us about what you are looking for and what you feel you need. If you can provide any more insight into what you are looking for in terms of descriptive images, sketches, or even just a written explanation of what you are looking for, we can get to work on making it come true.

We want to ensure that whatever you are looking for that it can be made to order to deliver and be ready to be enjoyed as and when you are ready. To get started on your Made to Order furniture, simply fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can with our estimated time and price.

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