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20 Feb A Guide to Choosing the Right Hardwood for Your Furniture
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When it comes to selecting the perfect hardwood for your furniture, the options may seem overwhelming. Each wood species possesses unique characteristics that can significantly impact the appearance, ..
15 Feb From Forest to Furniture: The Journey of Wood
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The journey of wood from being cut in the forest to its final transformation into furniture is a meticulous and responsible process that encompasses various stages. Each step is vital for ensuring the..
04 Feb Table After Care
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Table After CareEnvironment – Extreme room temperature and humidity changes can cause havoc to natural wood products as it causes the fibres to shrink or well which can lead to cracking and distortion..
30 Jan Cutting Board After Care
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Cutting Board After CareHAND WASH ONLY IMMEDIATELY AFTER USEDO NOT PUT IN THE DISHWASHERDO NOT LEAVE TO SOAK IN WATER OR ON WET SURFACES(Not following these guidelines may cause warping, cracking or d..
03 Mar Riverwood Furniture - From sparkle in my eye to reality
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Making Memories Around the Dining Table: My Journey to Launching My Business‍‍I have always been passionate about woodworking and furniture making. As a child growing up in a small, rural town in Nott..
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