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About Us

Our Story

Formed in 2018, Riverwood Furniture started out as a passion project by founder Stephen Brown. A keen craftsman, Stephen found a passion for woodworking and creative design from a young age. Over the years, other professional commitments would get in the way but in 2018 a clear focus was placed onto the development of bespoke resin furniture. First creations were mostly for family and locals, and since then Riverwood Furniture has grown to become a respected name within the resin furniture industry. As a passionate designer, Stephen is proud of the work done to help create meaningful, creative items that are entirely one of a kind. Free from the need to mass produce the same ideas over and over, every River table, placemat, or shelving unit is designed of its own image. Nothing follows a set routine or a basic structure; autonomy is not the aim. At Riverwood, the aim is simple: to craft quality, fresh, unique furniture that is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Our Ethics

When creating furniture, the Riverwood aim is simple: to avoid creating the same thing twice.

Furniture says a lot about the people who own it; it can be the easiest way to define who someone is, and to understand what makes them who they are. With that in mind, many people today choose to buy furniture that makes a statement. This is why are 100% committed to creating unique furniture.

Why? Because every person is unique. Their property, and their possessions, should reflect that. from a River resin table to a placemat, every piece of furniture we own tells a little story about us. So, our furniture is unique – just as our clients are.

This unicity is a big pat of why we do what we do, and why we are so proud of our commitment to authentic creations. Our ethics mean that we do not cut corners, automate any of our process, or look to follow trends. We create quality resin furniture that is designed with the personality of someone in mind – maybe that person, is you?

A commitment to quality craftsmanship

On top of this, we have a laser-targeted focus on making sure that all of our projects are delivered with precise craftsmanship. Stephen is a long-term designer of such furnishing, and has a specific technique that is used to help create a signature style whilst ensuring every piece is unique of and to itself.

For that reason, our clients enjoy buying from Riverwood Furniture as they know we help to make their homes and properties feel more personable. Looking to avoid cookie-cutter resin furniture? Then check out our growing catalogue of items today.